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A brief review about the situation of Roma in
Republic of Macedonian


43.707 Romanies are in evidence in Republic of Macedonian according to the census in 1994 year. This figure should be considered in relative sense because in fact, there are about 180.000 - 200.000 Romanies in Republic Macedonian.


What is this disproportion due to?

1. In the period of transition in Macedonian, a great number of Romanies left the country looking for chances of survival in the West European countries. That's the reason that a great number of Romanies were not included in the census.
2. The low level of education and emancipation with Romanies had affected the Quality of the details during the census. Wrong informations were very often given because of the fear that they might be used for some fiscal needs of the country.
3. Because of the permanent discrimination of Romanies, many of them declared themselves asteriks during the census. In this way they hoped that the discrimination and humiliation would be reduced.


Because of this they should operate with the unofficial information from 180.000 - 200.000 Romanies when analyses about the status of Romanies are made.
We can speak about the status of Romanies in Republic Macedonian taking into account a few aspects.

1. Romanies in Macedonian belong to the minority. According to the Constitution this minority has its place in the are amble of the Constitution.
The civil concept of the Macedonian Constitution gives equal rights all citizens. The development of the non-governmental sector and the appearance of different Associations for human rights protection of Roma - Shtip, contributed a lot for the affirmation of the sense of equality for all citizens. *
But in spite of all rights for equality there is great number of cases where Romanies are treated as citizens of second class especially by the authorities.
Romanies are often maltreated by some policemen.

What is necessary to be done for improving the status of Romanies?


· Education of Romanies in higher forms of the educational system (secondary school, faculties, e.t.c.);
· Awarding scholarship for the talented students and pupils;
· Education of Romanies by organizing seminars and Rostrums for human rights, where the eminent experts from the country and from another countries would be engaged;
· Giving free law to Romanies by the Associations and Foundation that deal with the protection of the human rights (Association for human rights protection of Roma - Shtip and E.t.c.).
· Reinforced reintegration of Romanies by their including in the local and the state authorities.

* On October 1997, for the first time the Association for human rights protection of Roma - Shtip, is registered with the center in Shtip.
The main constitutional aim is protection of the rights of Romanies whenever
their guaranteed rights are violated.
* During the two years of working, this Association for human rights protection
of Roma - Shtip, have taken 9 proceedings because of violated rights of
Romanies, where the police officers are opponents.

2. The social and economical status of the Romanies in Republic of Macedonian is especially important aspect I giving the real picture of Romanies.
90% of the Romanies haven't solved their residential status; many of them live in ramshackle houses that can't satisfy their necessities for living. Because of the lack of money, they are forced to live in great family communities. In these communities the arguments and the Asocial behavior are present.
In the settlements where the Romanies live there isn't any water supply or any piping sewage system? That is the reason for many infectious diseases and epidemics. The state is deaf to the basic necessities. Instead of preventing actions a lot of money is spent on medicines and other medical interventions.
The numerous analyses and investigation show that Romanies are with the lowest percentage of employment, which affects their living standard.
Discriminating occurrences are present during the process of employment through public advertisements.
So, in this way the Constitutional decree, for equality for all citizens in the process of employment, is violated.
The development of the non-governmental sector contributed for stronger affirmation of the cultural identity of Romanies.
Due to the finical support from the home and foreign foundations (Open Society Institute - Macedonian, SOROS) e.t.c. The first Romany radio and television appeared. They play very important Role (Part) in satisfying not only the cultural needs of Romanies. But also for developing the information's system on their mother tongue.



* The paragraph 32 from the constitution of Republic Macedonian " Every one has the rights to work, everyone is free to choose his/her employment, protection during the work, and material security during the temporary unemployment.
Every job is available to every body under the equal conditions".

3. The health standard with the Romany population is directly connected to the level of their economical emancipation. The lowest percentage of employment, numerous families, living under in adequate conditions, low level of education and the health standard and culture make Romanies to be at the bottom of the ladder in the country. In fact, we can say that Romanies almost do not use health services. Curing is done only in special occasions in the legal institutions. It is often done by charlatans. This contributes to high percent of death rate, especially with the newborn babies and the adults.



· Discrimination - The association for human rights protection of Roma selected those cases which represent drastically violation on human rights and which will result in changing the attitudes of state organs towards Roma population and elimination of all kinds of discrimination.
· Legal assistance - The association for human rights protection of Roma offers free legal assistance and support to Roma and helps them in solving their problems.
· Lack of information- The association for human rights protection of Roma will solve this problem in the following ways:
- Issuing an informative magazine;
- Organizing panel discussion;
- Public appearance on TV and radio;

Lack of financial supplies - The problem of obtaining safer financial resources will be solved by conducting business activities in our business association and by conducting long-term supportive projects.



The target group in this strategy plan will be Roma population.


Total integration of Roma population in the society by improving the relationship with the majority population;


- Development of Balkan and Europe NGOs network that have similar goals and activities;
- Developing of the association into a human rights multiethnic center;


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